An Essential Element in Wedding Photography

In any wedding, the couple and the photographers are always chasing after perfect moments, seeking to capture beauty forever frozen in frames. Among all the moments during the wedding, the Golden Hour bridal photoshoot is the coveted choice for both couples and photographers. What is the Golden Hour 🌄 and why is everyone so fascinated by it?

The Golden Hour ☀️ refers to the period just before sunset when sunlight becomes soft and warm, often casting richer and more enchanting colors on people and scenery, creating a warm and romantic atmosphere.

Why is it so? I often recommend scheduling a brief bridal photoshoot before sunset. Even if time is tight, even if we only have a few minutes, if the lighting conditions permit, I will spare no effort to persuade guests to take those shots because the results are truly stunning!

How to schedule the Golden Hour?

  • Plan ahead: There are many apps and websites online that can predict the precise time of sunset. Check the weather forecast; it's a no-go on cloudy days ☁️.
  • Allocate time: During the dinner reception, remember to communicate with the photography team, planners, and hosts.
  • Choose the location: Opt for open spaces without obstructing buildings 🏠 or trees 🌲.
  • Seize the opportunity: The Golden Hour passes by in the blink of an eye, with lighting conditions changing every minute, so be efficient yet relaxed.

The Golden Hour not only captures the beautiful moments of the couple but also adds more romance and emotion to the entire wedding. Why not plan a Golden Hour bridal photoshoot for your wedding too?

Published in Canadian Bride Guide

Planning: Destiny Weddings | @destinyweddingsca

Floral Design: Simple House | @simplehouseflowers

Hair & Makeup: Joanne Cheng

Wedding Dress Design: Winsdesign

Special thanks to models Erin & Hamid and Winnie @weinii_bear for their generous assistance.